Wait...I'm going to be a MOM?

Updated: May 22, 2020

Boy Mom :)

This is crazy...so very crazy. How'd this happen? Well, we know how it happened, but like what!?

Quarantine has given me nothing but time to THINK, and THINK, and THINK a whole lot more. I cannot be the only soon-to-be-momma who is literally in shock that I am growing a baby. This is wild. Being a mommy has ALWAYS been a dream of mine, but now that I am about 4 months away from holding my baby boy (coolest boy mom coming soon!) ... I just can't believe it.

Since working from home and stay at home orders have me stuck in the house (ALL DAY), I generally spend my days doing one of the following things.

  1. Ordering baby items on Amazon or Target Drive up

  2. Adding overly expensive things to my registry and then taking them off. (& maybe putting them back because my baby deserves the best!)

  3. Pinterest-ing. Yes, it's a word & my baby will have the best nursery in Tennessee, okay.

  4. Watching other people have babies on Youtube and crying uncontrollably.

  5. Overthinking.

  6. & Repeat.

But with all this extra time to think, I realized pregnancy has taught me a few things....


Listen whether I'm waiting for this pandemic to end or waiting on my baby boy to arrive, I've truly learned that I just have to be patient. Wishing and hoping the time will go faster is silly and unrealistic. Everything happens when it is supposed to. I have to be patient and I'm okay with that.

Everyone has an opinion, & I don't have to agree with them

People see a pregnant lady and become experts on all things baby. You would think they are doctors, personal trainers, interior designers, baby-namers (smh) & everything else all in one! If I listened to all the unsolicited advice I receive, I'd be going in circles. I have wanted to say "Who asked you?" on many occasions, but I refrain. & I know people mean well, but just save it. My experience isn't your experience & I promise I'll ask for help if I need it.

It's okay to feel

Pregnancy is a physical & emotional roller coaster. Some days are easier than others. But everyday I CAN get through. I'm learning to lean on those I love & take it easy when I need to. The never ending to do list can be overwhelming, but things will get done in due time.

My baby is loved already

He isn't even here yet & he is so blessed already. The baby gifts and the outpouring of love is just so refreshing. I'm so thankful for my tribe.

new mommy


Mommies & mommies to be... What did/has pregnancy taught you?

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