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"They see pictures, They say goals" 4 reasons why you should be your own GOALS!

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

While scrolling through Social Media on any given day you are likely to see thousands of comments or captions that read "GOALS". I am guilty of typing this! It's hard not to look at a picture and compare it to yourself. I mean "body goals" and "relationship goals" are both popular hashtags on Instagram so every one is doing it, right?

How about we stop! Now, don't get me wrong, there is NOTHING wrong with acknowledging a nice picture or admiring someones growth. BUT... don't let them be your goals. BE YOUR OWN GOALS...& here's 4 reasons why!

1. What GOD has for you, is for you.

Life is not a competition. We were not placed on this earth to compete for likes on IG. Your purpose is much bigger than that. Stop comparing yourself to other people & check your rear view to see just how far you’ve come! Perhaps, it just isn't your time (for whatever you're hoping for), and that is okay!

2. You should be careful what you ask for, sis.

You don’t know what people had to go through to get what they have or to get where they are. Their journey isn’t yours & you shouldn’t want it to be. I’ve heard many people refer to social media as a “highlight real”. This is so true! They don’t show you what the outtakes look like for a reason. Plus, Everything that glitters ain’t gold.

3. You haven't seen your end result yet.

Chances are you’re still praying for that “one thing”. You’re still working for that degree. You’re still planning to start that business. You're still trying to lose the weight. Don’t let someone else’s experience be your Goal. Focus on being better than you were yesterday or last year. You aren't done with you yet, and you know GOD isn't through.

4. You are BOMB, Period.

You get what you work for not what you wish for. Spend some time working on you and becoming the best version of you. When you are actively working on yourself, there is no time to worry about what someone else is doing. Spend some time watering your own grass to find out just how BOMB you can be.


Embrace your journey & Be your own GOALS!

What will you do to "water your own grass" this week and become your own Goals?

With love and light always,

Jalisa Nichole

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