The PERFECT gift guide for the special MEN in your life

***Insert countdown to Christmas***

If you're anything like me, the hardest gifts to buy each year are for the men in your life. Don't worry! I did some questioning and have compiled a fool-proof list of TEN gifts to get for those special men in your life on any budget!

Screenshot the ads, make your shopping list, & put your sneakers on girl...


1. Cologne

This gift is perfect for your hubby! Scent is everything. Pick a scent that you like & have him smelling amazing everyday!

2. Bluetooth Speaker

You can't go wrong with a Bluetooth speaker. Whether he's in the garage working on his car, in the shower, or just hanging out on the couch, he'll enjoy this gift. They love music...loud music. Trust me, buy the speaker. And the best part, speakers are available for every budget!

3. Tool Box or Tools

Every manly man believes they can fix anything. Whether you believe it or not, buy that man some tools. I'm pretty sure my dad has asked for tools every Christmas for as long as I can remember. If he likes it, I love it!

4. Jewelry

Ladies love shiny things, but guess what? Men do too! Whether it's a new watch or a bracelet, jewelry is a timeless gift. He will thank you for years later!

5. Man Cave Essentials

This one is my favorite! Men won't ask you for the things they need. But his man cave could probably use a face lift. Buy him some decorative pieces or some essential items to make his man cave more inviting! Here are a few ideas: football pictures,recliner, new TV, pillow, throw blanket, etc.

6. Shoes

Forget the old saying, "Buy a man some shoes, and he'll walk out of your life" and take on my saying "Buy a man the right shoes, and he'll step up in your life!" Plus the shoes will be perfect to pair with my next gift idea!

7. A Complete Outfit

Yes, (some) men have style...but most men don't! Take the opportunity to buy him some wardrobe staples you will enjoy seeing him in.

8. A stocked bar

Enough said. Men like drinks. Buy his favorite & put a bow on it!

9. A subscription to his favorite streaming service

With so may companies offering their own personal streaming services, I'd recommend getting a yearly subscription to his favorite. Whether it's Tidal, Netflix, or Disney Plus, he'll appreciate the initiative and will love you forever!

10. Tickets to a Sporting Event

Experiences are probably my favorite type of gift to receive, so I know men will love it too! Whatever your "man" likes, purchase 2 tickets for it and wrap it in a huge gift box! If the funds are right, make a trip out of it! You may hate watching football on TV, but the atmosphere at the game will be more than worth it!


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Happy Shopping !

What are your favorite gifts to buy? Let's add to the list!

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