On the Road to 30

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

My next milestone birthday is my 30th. With just about a year until then, I have drafted 30 things I'd like to do before my twenties are over!

***March 12, 2020***

When is your next milestone birthday? What are some things on your bucket list?

Here's my list, maybe we can cross off some things together!

Jalisa’s 30 before 30!

  1. Build a new home

  2. Decorate and Design a new home

  3. Try a frontal (LOL)

  4. Have a baby

  5. Design a nursery

  6. Plan a gender reveal (For someone else)

  7. Buy 1 expensive pair of shoes

  8. Plan one event for a friend or family member

  9. Visit another Continent

  10. Learn to braid

  11. Real Estate License

  12. Find a therapist

  13. Pay off my Jeep

  14. Debt Free (Huge Goal but at least put a dent in these student loans )

  15. Take a cooking class

  16. Host a Dinner Party

  17. Host a game night

  18. Lose weight

  19. Take a makeup class

  20. Go to a Music festival (Coachella, Made in America, etc)

  21. Go to a talk show taping (The Real)

  22. Have more internet free days

  23. No phone vacay with my husband

  24. Attend a successful girls trip

  25. Buy VIP meet and greet tickets to a concert

  26. Go hiking and/or camping

  27. Find a wine I really enjoy

  28. Photoshoot (Not like a Christmas Photoshoot)

  29. Dye or Cut my hair (again...)

  30. Write a children's book with Bambi : )

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