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Leave Them at HOME!

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Have you ever planned a trip (Girl’s trip or other), got really excited about it, and then never made it anywhere? Yea, me too.

I used to get so upset that EVERYONE (may be an exaggeration) was flaky. I couldn’t understand why people would talk about and plan a trip when they had no intention on going. I definitely understand the emergencies that come up, but everyone DOES NOT have an emergency the day it is time to pay for the room. **Side eye** We are all adults. Please learn to say no when you know you aren’t going!

Here are a few of my suggestions to ensure your next trip is just as amazing as you are!



(Arguably the most important factor in determining whether your trip will be successful or not.)

When planning a trip, choose friends that enjoy the type of activities you are planning. Don’t take your quiet friend, who doesn’t know a single rap song,to a Jeezy concert in Miami. In the same token, don’t take your friend who complains about walking and being outside on your hiking trip.

It’s all about balance, and each trip does not need to consist of the same people. Pick people with similar interests, those who won’t flake at the last minute, and those with good energy looking to have a great time.


***Transparent moment- We all have different friends who serve completely different purposes in our lives. I am definitely guilty of having an attitude when I’m somewhere I would rather not be. This is why I have learned to say NO to invitations I’m just not into. (With the exception of bachelorette parties, and birthdays. Those aren’t about me, and I take my feelings out of it.)

Number 2: Choose a budget and stick to it

We all like to “Ball out of control” on vacation, but budget friendly activities can save you from spending too much.

Before agreeing on activities and planning the itinerary, have a talk with your friends to decide on a budget. Make sure your budget is fair and reasonable to all travelers. Let’s be honest, your lawyer friend can probably afford to stay at any hotel she wants. But if you’re anything like me (living on a teacher slary), the W is not always my first choice. Choose places all parties are comfortable staying at.

It is also important to think about food, and activities when choosing your budget. Will you all eat cheap in order to do more. Do you want to go to fancy restaurants with four course meals, or is fast food okay? These are all things to think about!

****My favorite is All Inclusive Resorts!

Number 3: PLAN, PLAN, PLAN

When planning a trip, especially an international trip, please allow enough time to plan AND budget. One of my favorite travel friends, Bianca, told me about Delta Vacations and Southwest Vacations and it is probably the best thing ever. You can book your hotel or resort and your flight through the same site. And the discounts are great! My favorite part is probably the fact that they give you an opportunity to book and secure your travel plans without paying for the entire trip upfront. It’s so easy to create a payment schedule and plan to pay as a group on certain days.

Secondly, do your homework. Research the city or country before you go. Ask people to tell you the MUST-DO’s and put some thought into your planning. Nothing is worse than coming back from trip your and wishing you had planned to do more.

Number 4: UNPLUG for a day

Ditch the phone for a day, and live in the moment. Contrary to popular belief, it still happened EVEN if there isn’t a Snapchat video or Instagram post to prove it! Spending quality time with your friends is way more valuable.

** I’m guilty, but I’m learning.

Number 5: Unwind

Vacations are absolutely necessary for anyone looking to escape reality for even just a weekend. Time with your significant other, best friends, sisters, or close associates can rejuvenate your spirit in ways you never thought possible. Use your time to truly unwind and relax. Don’t do work, unless you have to, and just live in the moment!

I’m so thankful for my travel family!

Here's to our next adventure: Barcelona, Spain for Thanksgiving!


Where are you traveling next? How did you pick your crew?

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