Journey to mommyhood: Baby Boy Name + Nursery Reveal!

If you were to scroll through my Pinterest Boards you would see an overwhelming amount of baby girl nursery ideas. I just knew I was having a baby girl, but God had other plans. Hubby and I learned that we were having a baby boy and filmed a video gender reveal for our family in the car after my ultrasound appointment. He was excited to say the least! Since this day I have become so invested in becoming a boy mom.. who wants a girl anyway?!

I am destined to be a boy mom & I am embracing this journey with every piece of me. So the natural next step of finding out the gender of your baby is... naming him or her! An obvious choice would have been to name him after his dad but.... I just wanted my little baby to have his own name; his own identity. It was no easy feat convincing my husband who was adamant about getting a third. But we compromised and agreed on the CUTEST name for our son! (And we'll use his dad's name as his middle name) I was worried what family and friends would have to say, and am still a little taken aback by some of their reactions. *rolls eyes* But you can't please everyone & I am not in the people pleasing business anyway. Any who...


Baby boy's name is...

Cue Drake "Crew Love" ♪♪♪♪

It's perfect, I just love it!

Before we move on to baby boy's nursery...Question! How do you deal with people saying... "I'm just going to call him... *insert not his name here*"? When has it ever been acceptable to call someone anything other than their name?

I digress...Moving on...

I had the best time decorating and kinda* organizing the items in baby boy's nursery! Transparency moment...In the beginning I was a little unsure of how I felt "designing" a nursery in our 2 bedroom apartment. I wanted our house back. I thought I needed space for visitors, and all these extra rooms. I wanted luxury, and still do some days. In retrospect, I was projecting other people's feelings and not considering what is best for me and my little family at the moment. Do I want another house? Absolutely! Will my baby feel less loved in this apartment? Absolutely not! So the second I got out of my own head, the deliveries never stopped! Which is why our nursery is 96% complete and I am only 28 weeks!

The furniture set came from Delta Furniture, and the rest of the items were a mixture between Amazon, Target, Walmart, & Hobby Lobby. Thank God for online ordering and curbside pickup!

The day items were delivered my husband went right to work building! He knew I couldn't handle the boxes. I wanted to touch and test everything! If anyone is happy the nursery is finished, I'm sure it's him! Here are a few pictures from Baby Krue's nursery; I hope you love it as much as we do!

We went with a Navy Blue, Grey, & White color scheme.

The cutest sign ever!


Dresser, Changing Station, & Gallery Wall


6 Cube Organizer with storage bins.



My favorite part of the room!


It took forever to find this simple rug !

That's all folks!

I plan to do a baby item organization blog soon! Send me any tips & tricks you have, please!


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