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Is this really 30? How dare you coronavirus!

Updated: May 22, 2020

I turned THIRTY exactly one week ago today. I had some pretty high expectations for 30. I was supposed to be in Greece "living my best life", or at least at some fancy upscale restaurant eating an expensive piece of chicken.

I thought 30 would be different, but I've lived long enough to know that things don't always happen the way we imagine.

Coronavirus has changed the lives of many in a matter of weeks. My school district has closed schools through April 3rd, Tennessee has nearly 100 confirmed cases, people I know and love are being affected, and I am stuck in my house until further notice. Under normal circumstances being at home would be my dream, but it's something different about being told to stay home. It's scary, very scary.

I am a natural worrier, and I am a little concerned about how calm I've been. I mean considering I freak out over the smallest things. My only guess is that this little human growing inside of me (yep, 4 months pregnant) is teaching me that stress makes things worse...Not Better.

We all hope for extra time and now that we have it, I've chosen to use mine in the most productive ways I know how. While distancing myself from all things social, here are some things I'm doing to maintain my sanity:

Binge watching pointless TV and YouTube videos

Nothing clears my mind more than watching some young you-tuber do a silly challenge, or laughing at clearly scripted reality shows all over TV.

Cleaning out my closet

Listen, I enjoy a full closet like the rest of us. But that mini skirt I bought in 2015 has no place in my closet today!

Planning for better times

Yes, we are all quarantined now. But trouble don't last always. I am busy planning and prepping for the time when we all look back on this as a thing of the past.

Leaning on my tribe

I can always count on a "How's quarantine guys?" message. Checking in with your family and friends right now is important. I call my mom about 30 times a day!


My body needs this time, and so does yours. The bed is my best friend right now.


I know somebody who can fix it all, if we believe. My faith in humanity diminishes as the days go by, but my faith in God has never been stronger.

Refraining from listening to IG news sources

So much information is being posted on Instagram and Facebook. It's hard not to click and read it all. But what is really true at this point? It's hard to tell, so I am definitely refraining from clicking and reading everyone's post about the coronavirus.

Reciting this mantra (over and over)

Everything will be okay in the end; and if it's not's not the end.

How are you staying positive in the midst of all the chaos?

How are you protecting your mental health?