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I need a break! Blogtober Day 2

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

So I’ve failed at #blogtober. (Insert sad face here)

Consistency hasn’t always been my strong suit, but admittance is the first step right? But I’m not giving up!

Fall is here, and I am exhausted! Mentally & physically! I’ve been feeling really defeated lately for more reasons than I care to discuss. ( It will likely show up on a later blog).  I’ve been ripping and running every weekend for the last month, and I have two more trips over the next two weekends.

I need a break.

I need a day that I’m not writing lessons, not writing a blog, not riding in a car for a ridiculous amount of time, not on a plane, not doing laundry, not cleaning. I am just exhausted.

I just need one day!

When life finally slows down, here is my plan for a self care day:

1. Wake up without an alarm!

I can’t express how happy I’ll be to wake up when God wants me too, and not because I have to be somewhere!

2. Have breakfast

But not just any breakfast! My plan is to go to the fanciest brunch place in town and drink about 2 mimosas because ya know that’s as much as I can handle! Ha!

3. Go get a massage

With all the stress I’ve been feeling lately, a massage is definitely over due. AlthoughI typically fall asleep during a massage, I wake up so refreshed! So it is well worth it!

4. Nail Salon Visit

When they ask if I want the deluxe: YES PLEASE!!


5. Retail therapy

There is just something about shopping that instantly lifts my spirits. Just seeing Target makes me smile. Hopefully, it’s in my budget this day to buy something nice!

6. Bake cookies

Sweets are definitely my thing! I may not be the best baker, but I can make some cookies! & I can eat them all too! #talent

7. Binge watch a cool show on Netflix

I haven’t found a good show on Netflix to binge since All American. I need a show with a good storyline I can get lost in! Any ideas??

8. Cuddle up with my blanket and heater

My safe space is on the couch, with my space heater blowing and my cozy blanket. The only thing that makes this better is more snacks and wine!

9. Facials and pointless scrolling on IG

Target and Ulta have a plethora of face masks. I plan to pick one and let it perfect my complexion while I scroll through IG.

10. Bed!

I plan to end this day with a shower and then bed! Clean fresh sheets will make it even better!

I’m usually very grateful for a full life. I like being “busy”. But I have to admit, self care days are so Necessary, and I am overdue for one!


What does a self care day look like for you?