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I'm the cool Aunt! : Why aunties deserve a day of their own!

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Let's face it. Aunts are simply cool parents who don't get money back during tax season. HA! My husband and I have 7 nephews and 4 nieces together. They range in age from 10 months to 17 years old. Whew! so many right?! They keep me on my toes for sure!

Here are 3 reasons why Aunt's (& Uncles) deserve a day of their own!

1. Aunts get to say yes when parent's say NO!

Typically my house is a no rule, do what you want, eat what you want, free for all!

& I LOVE IT! Time with "TiTi" as some of them affectionately call me is the their time to kick back and have a good time.

2. Aunt's get to be a parent figures without actually being parents.

Being an aunt is typically all fun & games but there are some responsibilities and duties that come with the title.

Some of my auntie duties include:

Taking nephews school shopping

Attending their games and functions

Feeding them (whew they can eat!!)

Picking them up from school

Wiping away tears

Guiding their decisions

Being a listening ear

Buying the coolest toys

Trips to Walmart & Target

& just being cool : )

I wouldn't change ANY of this. My role as an aunt is by far one of my favorite and most rewarding roles.

3. Nieces and nephews LOVE their Aunts:

It's like an unwritten rule to LOVE YOUR AUNT! My nieces and nephews know I would do pretty much anything for them & they are absolutely right about that! My favorite little humans know just what to do to make my heart smile. Just being around them for a day can change anyone's mood. They love me, but I LOVE THEM so much more!

They're growing up so fast & I'm just happy to be apart of it!



SO... when is Auntie Day Again? I'll be expecting gifts :)


What are your favorite things to do with your nieces and nephews? I'd love to hear them!

With Love and Light Always,

Jalisa Nichole

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