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Happy One Month Krue! Labor and Delivery Blog.

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Wednesday, July 1st is a day I will never forget. My baby boy Krue decided he was ready to see the world, a WHOLE 8 weeks and 2 days early! I was so unprepared for labor. I showed no signs of labor and honestly I was surprised he decided to make his debut so early.

Let me rewind. So Tuesday, June 30 was probably the busiest and most active day I’ve had since the pandemic and my pregnancy began. I was packing boxes, going up and down stairs, unpacking, hanging pictures, and organizing our new space. Yes, we decided to move when I was 31 weeks pregnant. Bad idea? Maybe! But anyway, once the movers delivered all of our furniture and boxes, I just HAD to unpack right away. I spent all day unpacking and I was exhausted! My pregnant body was DONE.

At about 9:30 ish my husband and I went to Wendys. We were starving! We rode in his huge pickup truck in which you can feel every single bump on every single street. Once we made it back home, I climbed (literally) out of his truck and felt some liquid leaking out. Not a lot, but it was definitely noticeable. I told my husband, and I’m sure he said, “Oh, you probably peed on yourself”. What?? Listen, I knew I didn’t pee on myself, but I was too hungry to convince him otherwise. We ate our food and watched TV... and the second I got up I felt more liquid. At this point, I’m like okay now, what is happening? I facetimed my sister and told her I was leaking, and I thought my water broke. She, just like husband, DID NOT believe me. I’m thinking why in the world does everyone think I can’t control my bladder??

I hang up and my husband convinces me to just lay down with a towel. Side eye. I lay down for maybe 10 minutes and I feel a gush of water. I jumped up so fast, waddled to the bathroom & called my sister again. This time I was SURE my water broke. I show her proof and she’s like “Ok, I need you to go to the hospital”. Where was this energy 30 minutes ago?! Somewhere between her saying that and telling my husband we have to go NOW, my brain went into panic mode. Then comes the hysterical crying. It was June and my baby wasn’t due until August 28th. I was so scared. My mom, sister, and husband were all telling me to calm down because my baby could feel everything. I did my best to relax, but I was terrified.

My hospital bag was not packed, so my husband grabbed his duffle bag and just started throwing random things in it. Come to find out, he packed a whole lot of nothing, lol. The only thing I grabbed on the way out the door was my doppler to check my baby's heartbeat. I knew that would be the only thing to calm me down. We got in the car, dropped my keys off at my sister’s house, and literally flew to the hospital. It was raining and my husband was still driving like a crazy person. He went through EVERY stop sign. EVERY red light, and I’m almost certain he was driving 100 miles and hour. I’m in the car trying to check my babies heartbeat and he’s driving like someone is chasing us.

We almost make it to the hospital, like turning into the parking lot and I looked down and my pants were drenched. If I had any doubt before Krue was ready to come, it was gone.

I try checking in at the emergency room, and the lady is like okay do you have shortness of breath, a cough, blah blah blah. I wanted to say, “no lady, but I do have wet pants so can you get the doctor?”

I am a nervous wreck while the nurse and on call labor and delivery doctor are checking me. Plus homegirl stuck me four times trying to get my IV in. They finally move me to a room where they try to stop my labor. I was 31 weeks and 4 days and she told me they were going to try to keep baby in until 34 weeks. I wanted my baby to be safe, but I had no desire to stay at the hospital for 2 weeks. I guess Krue didn’t want me to either, because after a night of no sleep I woke up feeling all the labor pains.

My doctor, THANK GOD for her, came at about 8:30 am the next day. I was so happy to see her. Black women are dying during childbirth at alarming rates and I was terrified when I thought about anyone other than my doctor delivering my baby. She checked me and I was 3 cm dilated. Krue was ready to come, and had no intentions on waiting two weeks.

My husband needed to go home to pick up a few things and turn in our garage door opener because we had just moved. I begged him not to leave because I was so scared he would miss the delivery. Luckily my sister was able to come up while he was gone. I’m starting to feel some pretty intense pain. They weren't showing up as contractions on the monitor, but I knew something was happening. The nurse tried to check to see how much I was dilated at this point and I would not let her. Brandie, my sister tried to use her big sister voice and make me let the nurse check me. Nope. The nurse was so frustrated. My thoughts were," listen we know I’m in labor girl… CALL MY DOCTOR!" They moved me to a delivery room, and my husband is still not back. Panic mode once again. I finally get an epidural, but I’m still feeling every contraction. They gave me a little button to press when I needed to release more medicine. I probably pressed that button 1000 times. That pain was unexplainable. Contractions are no joke. I tell Niecy, the new nurse who was sent from God that I felt a burning sensation. She looked at me and said okay that probably means it’s time. In my mind, I’m like time for what?? In all the movies, you get an epidural and you still have hours to go. NOPE. My husband finally gets back as they’re preparing me for birth. He literally walks in as they’re putting my legs in the stirrups. The epidural finally kicked, and it was time to push. With my husband by my side, and mom and my sisters on face time, Krue was born at 1:20 pm on July 1, 2020. He came out crying and I was so relieved! I’m so thankful for a relatively smooth and non-traumatic birth, however Krue better get used to being an only child because this mama is one and done!

He spent 30 days in the NICU, but he's home with mommy and daddy now!

Welcome home, Krue. Mommy loves you more than you’ll ever know!

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