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Class is in session: 3 things this teacher wished parents knew

It's the end of July & I have one day left of summer break; Here are 3 things I wish parents knew!

1. All teachers are NOT created equally.

There are millions of amazing teachers with a few not-so-good teachers sprinkled through. I say this to say... Please don't make your child's new teacher pay for the mistakes of their last. Chances are your child will have completely different experiences with different teachers. It is my wish that parents enter each school year with a positive outlook and an open mind. Give every teacher a fair chance.

2. Supplies are NECESSARY

I am apart of countless groups on Facebook (both teacher groups and other) and as the return to school gets closer, the argument over schools supplies appears more often. Teachers are frustrated because they spend hundreds( or thousands) of dollars annually on supplies. Parents are frustrated because they believe the supply lists have become too expensive.

Now while I understand the frustrations on both parts, supplies are NECESSARY. It is impossible for a teacher to do his/her job without the necessary supplies.

If money is an issue, I encourage both parents and teachers to research and reach out to members of their community. There are so many school supply drives and giveaways that both teachers and parents can participate in. Also, if you are able to give more than what's asked of you I know there is a student (and a teacher) who would be forever grateful. I am very thankful for the people who donate their money, time, and resources to my classroom!

3. Team work makes the DREAM work

Cliche' right? Maybe... but so very true! Teachers (at least this teacher) want nothing more than to be on one accord with parents. I know that when parents and teachers work together the outcome can be amazing. Children benefit greatly when the adults that support them have a good relationship. I hope to speak for all teachers when I say... Your children become OUR children. We love them, care for them, wipe away tears, and miss them when they're gone. I encourage you to meet with your child's teacher regularly and create a relationship. I promise you'll be so happy you did!


Parents: How can a teacher best support your child this year?

Teachers: How can parents best support you this year?

With love and light always,

Jalisa Nichole

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