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Be DOPE all by yourself: A guide to "Me TIME"

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

“Make yourself a priority once in a while. It’s not selfish. It’s necessary .” 

Be dope all by yourself.

Being the introvert I am, social settings are usually pretty exhausting for me. Sometimes I just need to be alone or I want to be alone! I thrive on alone time. While I definitely enjoy time with my husband, family & friends, I've learned that ME TIME is very necessary.

Here are 10 ME TIME activities I recommend: 

  1. Read a good book: Sometimes getting lost in a good book is all you need to escape the stress of reality.

  2. DIY Project: Spend an afternoon creating artwork, fixing something around the house, or changing up your hair. Youtube has so many easy to follow tutorials that are PERFECT to complete alone!

  3. Get a Mani-Pedi: There is nothing more relaxing then getting pampered! Enjoy an afternoon alone where your biggest worry is what color to get on your nails!

  4. Take a walk (or run): Grab your pup, a bottle of water, and some headphones and head for a walk in your neighborhood. Use this time to clear your mind and get a slight workout in as well.

  5. Go see a movie: Pack your snacks and go catch a matinee girl! The reclining seats at the theaters now are perfect for relaxation.

  6. Go to Brunch: Sleep in until 11 on a Saturday and then head to your favorite brunch spot. Bottomless mimosas & Bacon are two of my favorite pick me ups!

  7. Go Shopping: A perfect way to complete any Sunday Funday is shopping! Head to the mall and get those deals! (side note: I LOVE shopping by myself so I don't have to hear my husband ask ONE MILLION TIMES "Don't you already have that?" LOL)

  8. Keep a Journal: Writing blog posts whether I post them or not has been so therapeutic for me. My blog has become my journal; the best thing I never knew I needed. Try it!

  9. Take a Nap: Seriously, this speaks for itself. I think adults should have a mandatory nap time. Naps give me an immediate attitude adjustment on any day!

  10. Take a Vacay -SOLO: I've heard some amazing things about solo travel.  & though I haven't tried it, I can't wait to plan a trip of my own. You can also incorporate all the other activities into your vacation!

Thanks for reading! : )


What are your favorite ME TIME activities? I'd love to add more to my list!

-Jalisa Nichole

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