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5 tips for Road trippin'

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Summer is here! Finally, right? What is better than a summer road trip? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Read these 5 tips to make your summer road trip the best one yet!

#1: Pack the snacks!

What's a road trip without bomb snacks? Miserable! Make sure you come prepared with the best snacks for you and your crew. Packing snacks helps save so much money on long road trips. Instead of stopping and spending money at overpriced rest stops and gas stations, plan ahead and get snacks in advance. My favorite road trip snacks are Spicy Nacho Doritos, Sour Punch Straws, & Popcorn! What are yours?

PS. Don't forget the cooler to keep your drinks cold!

#2: Pass the aux cord!

The best part of road trips for me has to be CAR CONCERTS. You cannot tell me I am not Beyonce' perfoming at Coachella as I'm driving down the interstate. Let everyone make a playlist and PASS THE AUX CORD! When you need a music break, listen to a podcast. Podcasts can spark interesting conversations that will let you learn more about your crew and keeps the conversations flowing.

#3: Download the apps!

The Waze app will be your saving grace!There is no time for tickets, traffic, or expensive gas. Download it. ASAP!

#4: Choose your crew!

Let's be honest, road trips are long. Choose your road trip crew wisely. After all, you have to stay in a car with them for an extended amount of time. Choose people that will take turns driving, pitch in for gas, and stay awake with you when the trip gets long.

#5: Embrace the journey!

Research your route before hand. Are there any places worth stopping along the way? Make your journey worthwhile, plan ahead, and allow time to sight see.


Where are you going on your next road trip?

-Jalisa Nichole

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